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The Windows Azure MultiSite (WAMS) role is a file synchronisation framework that allows fast and maintainable hosting of multiple web sites on a pool of web role instances.


There still isn't a practical way to host multiple websites on the same web role. The options that Windows Azure gives are:

1. Windows Azure Websites. Cons: Can't have advanced control on IIS settings (bindings etc). No Remote desktop support. Most featulres still in preview.

2. Windows Azure Web Roles. Cons: To change a single file, you'd have to re-upload the whole package, including all websites. Slow to upgrade. Although web roles support Web Deploy, they do not work for multiple instances, and changes are temporary until instance is re-imaged.



- Host multiple websites on the same pool of instances (read: cheaper hosting).

- Easy updates to both content (website files, including web.config) as well as site settings (host headers, site bindings, SSL/HTTPS settings)

- Support for automatic installation of SSL certificates, including binding them to site(s)

- Ability to synchronise the websites to files from blob storage. No need to upload the whole package! Just change the file you'd like to reupload into blob storage and synchronise the site.

- Manual or automatic (coming soon) update of files from blob storage. Choose the site, choose the instance, and sync the content or settings of that particular site on a particular instance. You have total control.

- Ability to set a particular instance to busy.

- Extendable interface. Commands are sent using Azure Queues.

- In-built logging to Azure Tables.

- Included Client automation API.

- Included Management UI (currently work in progress)

- Fully open source!


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